What to expect before, during and after a massage treatment

At your first massage appointment: Clients should arrive a few minutes early so they have time to fill out the Client Intake and Client Release forms. 

Before each massage: You should discuss your treatment goals with your therapist. Let her know of any areas that need to be avoided and any areas that need extra attention. Also, if you've had any changes to your medical history since your last appointment, please let the therapist know.

During your massage: Clients will remain covered by a sheet at all times and the therapist will undrape just the area she is working on, then recover that area once she is done. Buttocks, Breast, and Groin regions remain covered at all times. Modesty is very important to us. 

After your massage: We recommend that you drink plenty of water to help clear your body of excess toxins that are released from the massage.